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Course 784: Mindful Eating Mantras Deck

Course 784: Mindful Eating Mantras Deck

The “Course 784: Mindful Eating Mantras” deck guides you through the enriching realm of nourishing choices and self-empowerment.

Each card is a gentle reminder that seeks to encourage you to savor every bite, make wholesome choices and cultivate a lifestyle that honors your body, mind, soul and culture. Let these affirmation cards be your daily companions on this voyage towards a more vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling way of nourishing yourself.

How to use: Select an affirmation card and place it on your dining table, kitchen counter or eating area where you typically enjoy your meals throughout the day. Each time you see it, repeat it to yourself multiple times to bring you inspiration and motivation. 


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  • Over 30 readable, sleek affirmation cards.
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Promote positive self-talk

These mindful eating affirmation cards serve as a tool to replace negative thoughts about food and body image with positive, empowering statements. This shift in mindset encourages a kinder approach to self-nourishment, while significantly improve one's mental well-being. When you feel positive about yourself, you're more likely to make healthier food choices that are in line with your body's needs rather than being driven by emotional distress or negative self-judgment.

Enhance mindfulness

Mindful eating is about being fully present during meals, savoring each bite, and acknowledging flavors, textures, and sensations. Using these daily affirmation cards can anchor your mind and foster a greater awareness of your eating experience.

Encourage consistency and commitment

Incorporating daily mindful eating affirmation into your routine establishes a consistent practice of mindfulness and self-reflection. Over time, this practice strengthens the habit of mindful eating, making it more likely to be a natural part of your daily life.

Help regulate stress and emotional eating

Emotional eating is often a response to stress, anxiety, or other intense emotions. These affirmation cards can offer a moment of pause, thus allowing you to address your emotions more constructively. By focusing on positive affirmations, you can create a more serene mindset and reduce the likelihood of turning to food for emotional comfort.

Foster cultural relatability

What sets this affirmation deck apart is that there are culturally relevant affirmations to resonate more deeply with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This fosters a sense of belonging and validation. This cultural connection empowers you to embrace your unique relationship with food and eating practices that are part of your heritage.

Customer Reviews

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Alicia C
Love, love, love!! I never thought mindful eating affirmations would actually work.

This has truly been a game-changer in my journey toward healthier eating habits. I struggle with feeling confident in my food choices and often have guilt about eating certain foods that I truly enjoy. Since adding some of the affirmations in this deck to my wellness routine I’ve noticed myself feeling more present and mindful during meals. The cards are beautifully designed too so that’s a plus.

The mantras are simple but remind me to appreciate the food in front of me and listen to my body's hunger cues. As a black woman I also love that they have cultural affirmations too and that makes me feel better about eating my healthy cultural foods.


What exactly are mindful eating affirmation cards?

Mindful eating affirmation cards are a set of thoughtfully designed cards that feature a positive statement or affirmation related to food, eating habits, body positivity, or mental well-being. They are intended to guide you towards a more mindful, present, and compassionate approach to eating and self-image.

How do mindful eating affirmation cards work?

You would typically select a card daily or during meal times to remind yourself to stay present, savor your food, and maintain a positive and nurturing attitude towards your body and eating habits.

How should I use these cards to get the best results?

For optimal results, incorporate the cards into your daily routine. You might choose a new card each morning or reflect on a previous affirmation, then set an intention to carry that positive mindset throughout the day. Alternatively, use a card before meals to center yourself and promote mindfulness as you eat. It's also beneficial to reflect on that affirmation at the end of the day and consider how it influenced your food choices and mindset.

Are these cards suitable for people with specific cultural dietary practices?

Yes, what makes our cards unique is that they are carefully designed to be inclusive and respectful of cultural food practices. They focus on the emotional and mindful aspects of eating rather than specific foods or diets. However, always feel free to adapt or expand the guidance on the cards to fit your personal cultural practices.

Can these cards help with weight management or eating disorders?*

While these cards are a supportive tool for fostering a positive mindset and promoting mindful eating, they are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment. If you're dealing with significant weight management concerns or eating disorders, it's crucial to seek guidance from a healthcare professional. These cards can complement professional treatment by encouraging a positive and mindful approach to food and self-image but should be used as part of a broader, holistic health plan.


At Course 784, our mission is to revolutionize health and wellness with culturally relevant recipes and traditions.

  • Whole Food Nutrition

    Create a global recipe library focusing on wholesome, evidence-backed recipes and nutritional wisdom to address specific health needs and preferences.

  • innovative wellness

    Provide a variety of wellness products steeped in cultural traditions with globally recognized healing ingredients. We include educational guides for daily use and cultural appreciation.

  • Diverse Programs

    Online culinary programs that teach individuals how to prepare delicious health-conscious meals, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle and well-being.

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