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FREE Sync+Savor Mini Course

FREE Sync+Savor Mini Course

A 5-day mini course that introduces you to the nourishing world of cycle syncing - the process of curating a holistic lifestyle to heal, restore and improve your menstrual cycle.

Inside you'll learn about the four phases of the menstrual cycle, how hormonal fluctuations during each phase can affect your day-to-day experiences and how to start crafting a lifestyle plan that aligns with your body's natural rhythm to improve uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal imbalances like chronic fatigue, brain fog, chronic stress, dysregulated, poor sleep painful/ irregular periods.

Each short lesson is beginner-friendly and includes actionable steps to help you get started as soon as your next cycle.

After purchase, follow the instructions to gain access to the course. 

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  • 5 days of on-demand guided lectures.
  • Expert nutrition and wellness tips to optimize your daily routine.
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Reduced PMS Symptoms

Experience significant relief from the discomforts of premenstrual syndrome. Say goodbye to debilitating cramps, mood swings, and bloating through targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Education on the menstrual cycle

Learn about the four phases of the menstrual cycle and the hormones at play during each phase. Even if your cycle is irregular, you will learn how to track your symptoms to know which phase you are in.

Nutrition strategies for improved cycles

Understand key nutrients that are essential for hormonal balance during each phase and how to eat to support your body's natural flow.

Manageable and dependable cycles

No more having to change life's most special occasions due to severe cramping and heavy bleeding. Learn how to create a sustainable eating lifestyle for lasting, impactful results.

Improved fertility*

Optimize your reproductive health with and discover the benefits of cycle syncing for nurturing a conducive environment for conception.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cycle syncing, and how can I start?

Cycle syncing is a practice designed to align your lifestyle, diet, and activities with the different phases of your menstrual cycle to optimize hormone health. The Sync+Savor Blueprint guides you through understanding your cycle phases and implementing practical steps for syncing your lifestyle with your cycle for enhanced well-being.

How quickly can I expect to see benefits from cycle syncing with Sync+Savor Blueprint?

The time can vary based on individual health factors and how closely the program guidelines are followed. Many participants start to notice improvements in their menstrual health and overall well-being within the first one to three cycles of implementing the strategies outlined in Sync+Savor Blueprint.

Can I enroll in the program at any time?

Enrollment opens every 3rd Sunday of the month. Pro tip: If you currently track your cycle, we recommend starting after your menstrual phase (the bleed), since this is when you are most curious and inclined to take on new and adventurous tasks (follicular phase).

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