Master the art of cycle-conscious nutrition.

Uncover the secret to easing menstrual discomfort, improving fertility and enhancing your well-being through our nutrient-rich approach to menstrual health. It's time to transform your cycle, naturally.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a dynamic individual striving to balance your demanding career with personal wellness. Each month, you face a challenge not listed in your planner: managing your menstrual cycle.

Despite trying various remedies, your battle with hormone health issues, from severe cramps and heavy bleeding to irregular periods, acne and intense mood swings, persisted.

Your quest for relief has led you down a path of countless strategies, none of which provided lasting solutions.

Enter the "Sync + Savor Blueprint”: a group coaching program designed for women like you, seeking to transform their menstrual health through a holistic, nutrition-focused regimen.

"Sync + Savor Blueprint" offers more than symptom management; it's a pathway to a deeper understanding and harmony with your body. This group coaching program is the first step on your journey towards thriving throughout your menstrual cycle and living your best life. 

a holistic approach to a healthy menstrual cycle


At the heart of Sync + Savor Blueprint lies a groundbreaking promise: to guide you towards a harmonized menstrual cycle through a holistic, food-focused program meticulously designed to align with your body's natural rhythms.

This innovative approach not only pledges to transform your menstrual health but also promises a journey towards a more comfortable, balanced cycle.

This group coaching program follows a cycle-based nutrition system known as "cycle syncing".

Cycle syncing is a revolutionary approach that aligns daily lifestyle choices with the different phases of the menstrual cycle. It's not just about what you eat; it's about when and why. It begins with understanding your body's intrinsic patterns during each phase and leveraging them for optimal health.



Recent studies have reinforced the female menstrual cycle as a fifth vital sign, a critical indicator of overall health. This shift in health science acknowledges the menstrual cycle's profound impact on bodily functions beyond reproduction.

Hormonal imbalances are often at the root of menstrual discomfort and irregularities. By focusing on hormone health, cycle syncing offers a method to not just manage but thrive during each phase of your cycle and daily life.

Through targeted nutritional strategies, it's possible to balance hormones naturally, paving the way for a healthier, more predictable menstrual cycle.

Unlock your balanced cycle today!
    • Learn how to balance hormones naturally, using nutrition as a foundation.
    • Understand the theory of cycle syncing and how to nourish your body through each phase of your cycle - even if you have an irregular cycle.
    • Unlock your true inner super woman with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable lifestyle changes and improve productivity.
    • Explore how whole foods work to manage symptoms caused by PCOS and other issues caused by hormonal imbalances.
    • Understand how to properly optimize your daily nutrition and lead a balanced and energetic life everyday.
    • Access to a curated library of nutritious and wholesome recipes that you would want to eat again and again.

a happy cycle = a happy life


As a woman, you have an internal 28 day clock that starts ticking with the start of your first cycle (puberty) up until your last cycle before menopause. This second clock is a vital sign and when programmed correctly, you experience things like:

  • improved moods + energy levels
  • extra confidence + ready to take risks
  • increased libido + sex appeal
  • reduced bloating + better weight management

When that second clock isn't programmed correctly, you may experience things like:

  • chronic fatigue + elevated stress levels
  • severe anxiety + lack of confidence
  • decreased sex drive + fertility issues
  • unhealthy weight fluctuations + skin issues

This internal clock is known as your menstrual cycle and studies have shown that when you tailor your diet and lifestyle according to the different phases of your cycle, you can benefit from a more balanced, energized and confident life.


This group coaching program is designed to give you the foundational steps to help you reprogram your internal clock using a series of dependable and evidence-backed holistic strategies.

Sync + Savor Blueprint is for women who are tired of the fad diets and "quick-fixes" that only provide temporary relief. You're ready to experience sustainable menstrual relief without adding another prescription to your list.

You're ready

The Sync + Savor Blueprint empowers women like you to embark on a holistic quest for balance and wellness, and discover the impact of nutrition on menstrual health.

It's time to THRIVE sis!

This program champions a holistic approach, that emphasizes the power of food to manage and transform your menstrual health. You will be learning alongside women who are also on their journey towards leading the life they deserve undisrupted by their menstrual cycle.


What is cycle syncing, and how can I start?

Cycle syncing is a practice designed to align your lifestyle, diet, and activities with the different phases of your menstrual cycle to optimize hormone health. The Sync+Savor Blueprint guides you through understanding your cycle phases and implementing practical steps for syncing your lifestyle with your cycle for enhanced well-being.

Can Sync+Savor Blueprint help with irregular periods?

Sync+Savor Blueprint uses the "cycle syncing" approach to balance your menstrual cycle. Through cycle syncing, you’ll learn how to adjust your lifestyle and nutrition to support your body’s natural rhythm, potentially leading to more regular periods.

Is Sync+Savor Blueprint for those with fertility issues?

While Sync+Savor Blueprint is focused on improving menstrual health and hormone balance through nutrition, these changes can positively impact fertility. By optimizing hormone health and cycle regularity, the program may indirectly support fertility. However, we recommend consulting with a healthcare provider regarding specific fertility concerns.*

How quickly can I expect to see benefits from cycle syncing with Sync+Savor Blueprint?

The time can vary based on individual health factors and how closely the program guidelines are followed. Many participants start to notice improvements in their menstrual health and overall well-being within the first one to three cycles of implementing the strategies outlined in Sync+Savor Blueprint.

What if I don't have time to make all of the recipes?

If you find yourself short on time and can't cook every day, no problem. This program uses time-saving cooking techniques like meal-prepping and batch cooking to ensure that you have nutritious meals even on your busiest days. The recipes are simple, require minimal effort and some even double as lunch one day and dinner the next day.

Is Sync+Savor Blueprint suitable for everyone interested in cycle syncing?

Sync+Savor Blueprint is designed for individuals looking to improve their menstrual health and hormone balance through natural methods. Whether you're new to cycle syncing or have been trying to balance your hormones naturally, our program offers valuable insights and practical steps to enhance your well-being.

Can I enroll in the program at any time?

Yes! This online group coaching program is designed to be ready whenever YOU are ready, so you can start at any time. Pro tip: If you currently track your cycle, we recommend starting after your menstrual phase (the bleed), since this is when you are most curious and inclined to take on new and adventurous tasks (follicular phase).

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