Spring Cleaning Kitchen Secrets - Course 784

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Secrets - Course 784

Ah, spring! That magical time of year when nature decides to hit the refresh button, showering us with blooms and new beginnings. And what better place to mirror this natural rejuvenation than the heart of our homes – our kitchens? The kitchen, is a hub of nourishment and creativity, so it deserves special attention especially if you are trying to become a better cook and nourish your hormones through wholesome nutrition. As a Chef and Hormone Health Coach, I've learned that having a well-organized, thoughtfully stocked, and clean kitchen is not just for culinary success but for supporting overall health.


This time of year, I find myself going through kitchen cupboards, cabinets and even the fridge to clear out any unwanted, unused or expired items. You'd be surprised at how many brand new or severely worn out utensils I end up finding – like when did I buy this 2-in-1 vegetable peeler and why am I still holding on to this 2022 Christmas mug? I won't lie to you and say that deep cleaning the kitchen isn't an intimidating task because I used to dread it. Dedicating the beginning of the Spring season to doing a thorough, can help eliminate some of that anxiety and give you a much needed fresh start. It's particularly helpful around this time if you're like me and took advantage of a ton of holiday sales on kitchen gadgets *awkward grin*

Here are some of my best kept secrets for spring cleaning your kitchen for better health and easier cooking:


This step is the most intentional one. Remove everything. Yes, everything from the pantry, fridge, freezer and even utensil drawers and cupboards. Check expiration dates, and say goodbye to those half-opened packages of pasta from two years ago. Once you're finished, take a look at the ingredients that you have left and use that as a guide as you restock your kitchen. The goal here is to rid your kitchen of any item or ingredient that no longer supports your health goals and replace them with more wholesome ingredients and even better quality items that will support your health goals. For example, non-stick pans and plastic utensils might be convenient, but they can leach chemicals that disrupt hormone health. So you may want to get rid of them and invest in high-quality stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic cookware and glass or wooden utensils. 

natural cleaning supplies for spring cleaning kitchen


It's no doubt that the kitchen is the most engaged room in the home. It's where we nourish our families at least twice a day and overtime grease buildup, spills and stains may settle and require more than just a quick passing of a cloth. Not to mention those hard-to-reach or forgotten areas like behind the fridge, under the sink or the tedious oven. This is where a deep clean is necessary. Download your copy of the FREE cleaning checklist below!

As you set your kitchen up for your wellness journey, assess your cleaning products. Get rid of or finish using up products that contain super harmful chemicals. Trust me, I know that there are some tasks that need more than just elbow grease but studies have shown that endocrine disruptors (BPAs, parabens, synthetic fragrances etc.) found in most cleaning products can cause hormonal imbalances that affect mood, libido and even gut health. A simple cleaning solution with white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils can make a safe, everyday all purpose cleaner. Now don't get frustrated if this step may take you some time. There are several factors at play here like the cost of "green" cleaning products are more expensive, and it might not be feasible to stock your entire home with them. Take your time, research and build your collection slowly. 


Now that you've made space in your pantry, fridge etc. it's time to restock and organize each space with intention. One sure way to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle is to keep your kitchen stocked with healthful ingredients. That way when life gets hectic, you'll always have exactly what you need to support your body in a way that fits your health goals. 

Fill your pantry with whole foods like quinoa, brown rice, and legumes that support steady blood sugar levels, a key factor in hormone regulation. Incorporate nuts, seeds (flaxseeds, chia seeds), and herbs (turmeric, ginger) that are known for their hormone-balancing properties. Opt for seasonings and marinades that are salt-free or low sodium to manage your daily intake. Fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and kimchi introduce beneficial probiotics, aiding digestion and hormone balance.

 black girl organizing pantry for spring cleaning kitchen


Organizing your kitchen is helpful especially when it comes to improving your efficiency and skills. Keep your favourite ingredients close by and organize your kitchen the way you use it (e.g. I keep my spices in the cupboard near my stove as it's easier to reach them when cooking). For you, that might be a bit different and that is completely fine. You are the master of your domain, so organizing your kitchen into zones based on activity – prep, cook, bake and store – helps to streamline your cooking process. Dedicate sections in your fridge and freezer for prepped vegetables, fruits, and portioned lean proteins for easy meal creation. Use clear containers for storage and keep healthy ingredients in sight – the more often you see and reach for them, the easier it is to maintain your health goals. 

If you're into gadgets and equipment that boost your efficiency in the kitchen like blenders, then place them in areas that are easy to access so that you're more inclined to prepare healthy recipes at home. 

Happy Spring cleaning! 


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